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Introducing the all-in-one device that makes your skincare products work for you. Think of our Sonic Beauty Wand as a beautifully designed and portable mini-beautician accessible anytime, anywhere. 

The EMS nanocurrents delivers intelligent energy beneath the skin's surface to create change on a cellular level. 

Whatever your skin type or skin concern, add the REJUV™ Sonic Beauty Wand to your skincare routine for enhanced results! 

Energize Your Skin

Utilizing technologies with proven results, the REJUV™ Sonic Beauty Wand was designed to evolve you and your skin. The treatments are completely unlimited, and you can use them whenever you want, wherever you want!

LED phototherapy, ultrasonic vibrations, hot and cold compress, and EMS massage provide an all-around rejuvenating and preventative program perfect for all skin types.

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What can you expect REJUV™?

Brighter, Fuller Skin that Glows from Within

Fewer Skin Problems & Improved Skin Health

Less Maintenance Over Time

REJUV™ Sonic Beauty Wand Facial Tools Pink



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100% Non-Invasive & Zero Downtime

12 Month Warranty

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Hundreds Of Happy Customers In 3 Weeks

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Does REJUV™ Sonic Beauty Wand require any down time?

No. REJUV™ Sonic Beauty Wand utilizes sonic and light technology that are completely non-invasive and have zero recovery time. Perfectly safe to use at home or on-the-go, the beauty gadget supplements any beauty regimen and amplifies effects of your skincare products.

I have sensitive skin. Can I use the REJUV™ Sonic Beauty Wand?

Yes! The REJUV™ Sonic Beauty Wand features skin-loving treatments that are non-invasive with gentle for all skin types. LED light therapy uses light in the visible spectrum to penetrate different depths of the skin to effectively address a multitude of skin concerns. As the spectrum of light used does not include UV, there's no risk of damage. EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) exercises your facial muscles at the cellular level by contracting them and increasing muscular metabolism.

Our treatments come with pre-set timers and three gears, you can tailor treatments specifically to your skincare needs. 

How often should I use the REJUV™ Sonic Beauty Wand?

We recommend supplementing your current skincare routine with the REJUV™ Sonic Beauty Wand. Remove remaining makeup and other residue from the skin with our Skin Cleansing feature, apply skincare serums, essences, and masks with Heat Emulsion and Cold Tightening, rejuvenate the skin & soothe acne with LED Therapy, and finally repair and contour the face with Lift & Sculpt

The REJUV™ Sonic Beauty Wand can be used daily or as needed. There is no right or wrong, only what is suitable for your skin!

Can I use REJUV™ Sonic Beauty Wand on my body?

Definitely! We recommend cleansing the treatment area prior to use. Avoid using on any open wounds and sensitive areas. 

Does the REJUV™ Sonic Beauty Wand include any warranties?

Yes! All of REJUV™ Sonic Beauty Wands come with a 12 month warranty. If at any time during the 12 months after your purchase date you experience any technical difficulties or malfunctions, simply send us a message for a replacement free of charge. 

What does my REJUV™ purchase include?

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