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Infrared Technology & Hair

February 20 2020

Infrared Technology & Hair

Infrared Technology & Hair

What Is Infrared Heat?

Infrared heat is the lowest radiation wave of color that the human eye can see and is also the most gentle type of heat that warms from the inside out. Contrary to UV light, Infrared light is not harmful.

Infrared heat is commonly used in high-grade hair tools and works with the ceramic plates to create negative ions that stimulate the natural oils within the hair shaft to rise up to the surface of the hair. 


Negative Ions

When ceramic or tourmaline gets hot, it produces negative ions that cling to dirt particles in the hair and removes them.Water from the air enters the hair and becomes trapped by the oil which has been drawn to the hair’s surface. In this way, moisture is locked into the hair during styling, reducing frizz and static.

You will see steam coming off the hair. Why does this happen? It is the excess moisture that doesn’t get trapped in the hair steaming up. Steam is the result you want to see—it means the tool is working.


What This Means for Your Hair

Most importantly, the non-damaging infrared heat used in these hair tools provides healthy and stronger hair over time. What you'll notice is a reduced need for other expensive hair products, reduce styling time, oil particles on the surface of hair locking moisture in and creating maximum humidity resistance, and a beautiful shine.


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