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Cosmetic Electrotherapy

January 22 2020

Cosmetic Electrotherapy

Cosmetic Electrotherapy

The thing about facials is that there are just so many different kinds. It's hard to keep track! 

    Somewhere in the midst of rigorous face massage, professional peels, and painful-but-worth-it extractions is the high-tech stuff—namely electricity. These types of beauty treatments are based on the science of electrotherapy, which has been researched and accepted in the field of rehabilitation and cosmetology since the 1970s.  

    All things that zap are commonly referred to as microcurrent treatments, which scientifically speaking, is a bit misleading (you'll see why).
    In spite of all the confusing marketing lingo you will see out there, there are basically four main types of electrotherapy being used right now, and thy differ in the type of current used:
    1. Galvanic treatment
    2. Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) (also known as Faradic treatment)
    3. Micro-current electrical neuromuscular stimulation (MENS)
    4. High-frequency treatment

      Galvanic Treatments

      Galvanism works by penetrating active substances into the dermis, where they bring about an improvement in the vascular and lymphatic interchange in the area. This improves the function of the cellular membrane, and allows the trapped fluid and fat to be dispersed and eliminated.
      This treatment aims to improve the skin in two ways:
      1. Cleansing (a process called desincrustation)
      2. Nourishing the skin through an electro-chemical process called iontophoresis
        How It Works: The treatment works on the principle that charged ions in the skin are either attracted or repelled from the electrodes, resulting in certain chemical effects.
        Usage: Face and cellulite on body for cleansing & nourishing


        NMES (Faradic) Treatments (also known as Electrical Muscle Stimulation EMS)

        The treatment tones the muscles by repeatedly contracting them with the electric current, resulting in their firming and toning, and an increase in muscular metabolism aims to remove waste products more readily. 

        How It Works: Faradic treatments work by contracting muscles with a short pulse of interrupted direct current.

        Usage: Face and body for muscle toning

        MENS (Microcurrent) Treatments


        Microcurrent treatments are extremely popular on the face and is known to soften wrinkles, rejuvenate skin, and an improved lifted appearance of the face.  

        How It Works: Distinguished by their use of micro-ampere currents (i.e. millionths of an amp) which are hardly perceptible, but mimic the body's own bio-electric currents. Different microcurrent characteristics, particular the frequency and shape of the changing voltage (waveform), have different effects on the tissue.

        Usage: Face for skin toning, micro-lifting, and softening fine lines

        High-Frequency Treatments

        High-frequency treatment uses low-current high-frequency alternating currents, delivered via a glass electrode.

        How It Works: At up to 250,000 Hz frequency, the hollow glass electrode behaves like a glow discharge tube. Two electrodes are not required and sparking may occur when the electrode is close to the skin.

        Usage: Face for conditioning, healing, and antibacterial effects


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